Congratulations Michael Chelala: US Air Force Second Lieutenant

We would like to congratulate one of our very own brothers Michael Chelala, Brother Iceberg, in graduating from the United States Air Force Officer Training program. Michael was one of the founding brothers at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts and has served as National Vice President of Finance for two terms in the 2010-2012 administrations. With his hard work and dedication, he has been an integral part of our success. We have no doubts that he will serve his country with verve and conviction just as he served his fraternity.

Michael being commissioned in by his Line Brother Pat Ng (3rd year medical student at University of Vermont) who flew down for the occasion.


…as I look into your eyes — as you join that Long Blue Line — I know you will carry us even farther, and even higher. And with your proud service, I’m absolutely confident that the United States of America will meet the tests of our time. We will remain the land of opportunity. And we will stay strong as the greatest force for freedom and human dignity that the world has ever known. 
– President Barack Obama


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